Our Action Plan

We are generating revenue in two ways to support our efforts to achieve <2℃.

1) For Individuals, we are creating products that let individuals express their support by wearing the <2℃ badge. 

2) For Corporate Partners, we are partnering with companies that have made their own commitment to sustainability.  We proved a high visibility platform for those organizations to showcase their carbon reduction efforts and create <2℃ branded products. 

The proceeds from sales are invested as follows:

30% Awareness
<2℃ breaks the on-again, off-again news cycle around global sustainability. We want to make the goal of lowering global temperatures top of mind, as common as the air we breathe and the water we drink.  We invest in marketing programs to showcase the <2℃ branding such as our high profile efforts at the 2017 Tour de France.  We are looking for opportunities that provide a substantial ROI in terms of global exposure. 

30% Action
We are providing grants and investments that directly reduce carbon emissions. We look for opportunities where we can achieve a low investment to high carbon reduction ratio.

30% Policy
Our actions can only be effective with proper policy support at the local and federal levels of government.  While we are staunchly bi-partisan and do not make campaign contributions, we invest to create consistent and increasing pressure on politicians and political donors to keep our government policies and regulations heading towards the goals of the Paris Accord.

For questions, please email us at hello@lessthan2.degree