There is inspiring work being done using the traditional non-profit models of education (Climate Reality), lobbying for policy change (POW, 1% for the Planet), and many more. While we support their efforts, we wanted to try a different model.

We are entrepreneurs. 

LESS THAN 2 DEGREES™ was created to develop a family of products (some of which will become stand-alone companies) implementing different solutions, with a single goal of fighting climate change by reducing and removing carbon emissions.

We are starting with a consumer-centric approach.  Consumer spending is 2x the carbon emission of home energy and personal travel. It not only affects carbon emissions domestically, but also throughout the global supply chain – all the way back to the suppliers and manufacturers of the products we purchase.

The appetite with consumers is strong.  Reports state that the U.S. consumer is willing to spend $178 per year to fight climate change. Our own tests show that 18% of ecommerce customers opted to pay an additional $1 for carbon neutral shipping.  Other studies show that 68% of Uber riders are willing to pay to offset their ride.

Each product will works with LESS THAN 2 DEGREES™ and has rights to use the <2°™ brand, as that is already recognized by consumers as the way to quickly identify climate-friendly choices.  Then create simple solutions for different industries to implement more climate-friendly offerings.  For example our first product of Carbon Neutral Shipping for eCommerce Retailers.  

LESS THAN 2 DEGREES™ has products in development for the ecommerce, retail, restaurant, air travel, ride-sharing, event management, and financial services sectors.

Each product will be built out of the <2°™ Foundation, who is the majority shareholder and receives the majority of profits from each product/company.  The Foundation will then use the profits to reinvest in more product/companies, the awareness of LESS THAN 2 DEGREES™ and the <2°™ brand, and the direct reduction and removal of carbon from our planet.

The core tenet of our strategy is scale.  

Climate-friendly solutions need to be profitable and easy to implement. If they are, our corporate partners will scale them - it will simply be good business for them to do so. 

We believe Harvard Business School Professor Michael Porter describes it best in his TED Talk:


LESS THAN 2 DEGREES™ is providing grants and investment services in the field of environmental awareness, green initiatives and climate change research. If you are interested in learning more, sharing your ideas, or participating with <2°™, we would love to hear from you.  

You can reach us at

Let's keep the planet cool together.

Matt & Matt



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<2°™ Foundation Carbon Neutral Shipping Launch on Started October 2017.